Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where to start? Family pics, Halloween, Kyle's 30th Surprise B-day Party!

Finally....I am updating the blog. I keep telling myself I need to to better because I really want to print this out into a book and have it to look back at one day. So any of you that have already done something with yours or have any ideas, I would love to hear from you!!???!!

Here are a few pictures we had taken at the Dallas Arboretum.

HALLOWEEN 2009: We had a great time this year. First, on Friday I went to Grant's Fall parade and party at school. Nana (my mom) was staying at my house watching Grayson so they met us there! I have to say Grant was one cute little fireman-ha! On Halloween, we went to our friends Deedra and Chris' neighborhood and went trick or treating with them. Then we went to a Trunk or Treat at a school. We had a great time! Grant LOVED going house to house and saying, "Trick or Treat."

He worked really hard putting out fires. Look at that smoke...

Cookies we made for Grant's party:

Nana and Grayson at the party

My little skeleton :)

Grant and his fireman buddy, Parker

Sweet grin!

My b-day: I told Kyle I really didn't want to go out to eat for my b-day this year...I would rather just eat at my parents since we were going to mom cooked for me and it was exactly what I wanted...steaks, bpotatoes, salad, and rolls. For dessert: the cutest cake-so sweet!!!

Well I decided since Kyle was turning 30, I would throw him a little surprise b-day party!!!! We had it on Saturday and I have to say I was very sneaky...haha! HE HAD NO CLUE and that was the best part of it all. I had reserved a place on the patio at Love and War in Texas. I had appetizers and a few buckets of adult beverages set up for the guests. They were also having the Mike Mancy band play. By the way, they were really good too. It turned out great. My mom and friend Ashley really helped me out getting it together-thank you, thank you!!!!!

He already cut it before I snapped the pic of him w/it-it turned out just like I wanted it! Thanks mom for transporting another one down-ha! You didn't drop it :)