Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Reunion and Happy B-Day Kyle!

Over the weekend we went to Paris for the Grayson Family Reunion and to celebrate Kyle's b-day. Friday night we met my my parents and my cousin Danny and his family at Tamolly's. They came in all the way from Washington. Then on Saturday we headed to my cousin Donna's house in Cooper for the reunion. It turned out so good because a lot of the family were able to come. It was good to visit and catch up with everyone. Kyle hunted a lot of the weekend but didn't see a buck. He is determined to kill a buck with his bow this year, so hopefully over the Thanksgiving Break he will. Here are some pictures from the family reunion and the last one was at the Fish Fry of Kyle's b-day dinner.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do you want a ride on my Harley???

He doesn't have a Harley, but he sure looked cute in his little biker outfit for Halloween!!! On Friday, his school had a little parade. I didn't make it to the parade, but I did go for the party at lunch. He was sooo excited that I was there. He kept saying, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" He wanted me to tell his friends Hi and then tell his teachers was so sweet! I hated leaving but he did fine. It was nap time and he fussed for a few seconds and then I bribed him to lay on his nap mat by giving him a piece of candy. I didn't want him to cry!!!

Then Friday afternoon we left for Paris. Our first stop was by MawMaw's house. Then we met Nana and Pap'Paw at First Baptist Church for a little Fall Festival they were having. After that we went by to see NiNi, Lou Lou, Uncle Chad and Emmi before going trick or treating around my sister's neighborhood. Our last stop of the night was trick or treating by PawPaw and Granny's house before going to bed! The next morning I went to Canton shopping with my mother-n-law, sister-n-law and one of her friends. It was packed, but we had a great time! Grant went and played at the deer woods all day.

My tough boy at school-

The little jacket was so cute...

It doesn't get better than this-hugs for mommy!!!

Opening our Halloween card from MawMaw-

MawMaw's popcorn ball-YUMMY!

Me and my Harley biker boy...

What a pose...I didn't set it up either (he was just standing like that)

Grant with Pap'Paw and Nana

Good shot!

Cousin Emmi (Little strawberry) SO CUTE!!!

The shoes were adorable...