Monday, April 5, 2010

We are still here...

I am not even going to try to update this blog because it would take forever to catch up....I have been terrible!!!!!!! We are doing well. Grant turned 4 and we had a great b-day party at the fire station. Grayson is just as sweet as ever and just started crawling. He is pulling up on EVERYTHING! I am thinking he will walk early. He is also saying, "Dada." He likes clapping his hands and loves hearing Patty Cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I guess that is OK since Grant said, "Mama" first. We have been busy working and life with two boys!!!! We are having the time of our lives right now. I thank God everyday for my sweet family :))

Saturday, Grant had his first soccer practice/game. They do not play other teams in this little league but they do get to play against each other at the very end of the practice for a few minutes. We were so excited to see Grant get into it and go after the ball. He even scored two goals!!! Well, one goal for his team and the other goal scored-he scored but for the other team (ha)

Grant trout fishing with his new fishing pole he got for his b-day...

Future Fireman...

Either really determined and ready or scratching his leg (HA)

Grant with his game face on...

Here are a few sweet pictures of Grayson...

This was at 6 months...

Easter 2010: We went to Paris Saturday after Grant's little game and the celebration at Chick fil A with NiNi. On Sunday, after we went to church we ate lunch and had an Easter Egg Hunt at MawMaw's house. Then, we went to Nana and PapPaw's house for another Easter Egg Hunt (and to eat again-ha)!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where to start? Family pics, Halloween, Kyle's 30th Surprise B-day Party!

Finally....I am updating the blog. I keep telling myself I need to to better because I really want to print this out into a book and have it to look back at one day. So any of you that have already done something with yours or have any ideas, I would love to hear from you!!???!!

Here are a few pictures we had taken at the Dallas Arboretum.

HALLOWEEN 2009: We had a great time this year. First, on Friday I went to Grant's Fall parade and party at school. Nana (my mom) was staying at my house watching Grayson so they met us there! I have to say Grant was one cute little fireman-ha! On Halloween, we went to our friends Deedra and Chris' neighborhood and went trick or treating with them. Then we went to a Trunk or Treat at a school. We had a great time! Grant LOVED going house to house and saying, "Trick or Treat."

He worked really hard putting out fires. Look at that smoke...

Cookies we made for Grant's party:

Nana and Grayson at the party

My little skeleton :)

Grant and his fireman buddy, Parker

Sweet grin!

My b-day: I told Kyle I really didn't want to go out to eat for my b-day this year...I would rather just eat at my parents since we were going to mom cooked for me and it was exactly what I wanted...steaks, bpotatoes, salad, and rolls. For dessert: the cutest cake-so sweet!!!

Well I decided since Kyle was turning 30, I would throw him a little surprise b-day party!!!! We had it on Saturday and I have to say I was very sneaky...haha! HE HAD NO CLUE and that was the best part of it all. I had reserved a place on the patio at Love and War in Texas. I had appetizers and a few buckets of adult beverages set up for the guests. They were also having the Mike Mancy band play. By the way, they were really good too. It turned out great. My mom and friend Ashley really helped me out getting it together-thank you, thank you!!!!!

He already cut it before I snapped the pic of him w/it-it turned out just like I wanted it! Thanks mom for transporting another one down-ha! You didn't drop it :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's FALL!!!

WOW, time goes by soooo fast! I am back to work started out pretty rough b/c I hated leaving my boys!!! I enjoyed staying home with them but reality hit and I had to go back to work. Now I am starting to get into a routine and mom has been down to help several times already. She is coming back this week (YEAH!!) Kyle is going out of town to Georgia for a training. Have I said how much I LOVE MY MOTHER!?!?!?!

Grayson is already 3 months old. I cannot believe it....we've had quite a bit going on lately. Last weekend we went to the Texas OU game w/Lindsey and Chad while NiNi and Po watched the kiddos at our house. Of course, I forgot my memory card so I couldn't take any pictures. The night before was an adventure....we went to Chucky E. Cheese and I took my niece, Emmi to see Chucky. Before I knew it she fell off the chair and busted her lip really bad so we went to the emergency room. Bless her little heart, she was so tough! She had to get 4 little stiches. That Sunday we all went to the pumpkin patch in Celina. We had so much fun....we have gone the past three years. Grant loves going on the hayride, looking at the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, feeding the animals, and eating his hotdog! He doesn't necessarily care for Mommy taking pictures, but oh well....he did good overall! Speaking of pictures the weekend before, we went to the Dallas Arboretum with a photographer (my friend Kelly's sister) to have family pictures taken. I will post some of them when I get the CD!

Grayson is getting so big. I swear he is the sweetest little boy...I could just eat him up when he gives a big grin. He has rolled over several times and actually rolled over the first time when he was 6 or 8 weeks old!?!? I need to go back and look if it was 6 or 8. He likes to watch the bears in the pack-n-play, swing, sit in his bumbo and look around, be held (HA), and snuggle with his mommy. He LOVES patty cake-he smiles everytime!!!

Grant started SoccerTots. He had his first practice last Monday and he really liked it. Coach Mike was fun and Grant really liked him. He is getting so big. I should be writing a lot of things that he says down. He says some pretty big things to be 3 years old. He loves his little brother. He does really good with him and has never acted jealous! He watches everything Kyle does and tries to mock him...he loves to be outside, loves school, of course still LOVES tractors, riding the 4 wheeler, shooting his "Buck" bb gun, riding his Gator, eating "snacks," reading books with us, riding his scooter, and more!

Over the weekend, we went to Paris. Mom and I took the boys to the Pumpkin Festival downtown and had a lot of fun. Grant loved fishing in the fountain. He also went on a ponyride, ate a big corndog (mommy did too), bounced in the bouncehouse, and liked sitting on the J.Deere lawnmower. Nana got him a pop-gun and he LOVES it! He played with it for the rest of the weekend. Today after church, Aunt Robbie and Uncle Larry came over to visit. We had a good time visiting. I am ready for Halloween next weekend!!!