Sunday, September 28, 2008

This weekend we went to see Kyle's grandparents at Lake Grapevine and had a great time relaxing and spending time with them. Grant had so much fun riding the golf cart, helping Granny make pancakes, eating marshmallows, feeding the ducks, playing at the park, going on a nature walk and more. We stayed in a neat little cabin there and had the best time just getting away and being lazy. I asked Grant when he wants to go back and he said Saturday..haha

Granny said one minute Grant looked like Kyle and the next minute like me...she also kept saying that she couldn't believe how well Grant talks and his vocabulary.

Giving bye-bye hugs...

Then on our way home we stopped by the mall and went shopping for Kyle's 10 year high school reunion which is next weekend! I cannot believe it has been that long. That just makes mine a year away. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. It should be fun!!!

Last night we were going to bed and Grant wanted me to say night-night prayers first. When I finished praying, it was dark and just silent. Grant said to me, "Mommy, Where is God?" I just sat there for a minute and thought 2 1/2 year old is asking me about God-yeah!!! I said well Grant he is in heaven and he is also right here with you all of the time...he then says, "Where is heaven??" At that point, I just said the first thing that I thought of...well heaven is up in the sky and God is there watching over you. It was so sweet!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This weekend we went to Paris for our niece's 1st b-day party! Here are some cute pictures from the party!

Emmi Kay-the little lollipop princess!

Cute centerpieces-

Chad, Lindsey, and Emmi

Look at this he pulls the lollipop stick out of the ground

My little Cowboys fan!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our trip to NiNi and Po's

This weekend we went to NiNi and Po's in Abilene. We had a great time...Kyle went dove hunting, we went go-cart racing, to the fair, fishing, and of course ate really good food that my mother-n-law cooked! We always enjoy snacking on everything she cooks. I think I came back with three new recipes (two of those were desserts-my favorite).

Grant fishing

On Saturday, we went to a place called, "Prime Time" in Abilene and rode go-carts. We had so much fun getting out their and playing around. They also had arcade games inside so Grant had fun playing a few of those.

NiNi with her game face on :)

Then, we went to the fair! Grant liked looking at the animals and riding the neat rides there. When we were leaving he said, "I want to ride the steering (meaning ferris) wheel." It was so cute!!

Yes, that is me on a monkey-ha! Kyle and Norma (my mother-n-law) got a kick out of that. They laughed the whole time. Grant wanted to ride the giraffe and guess what was right next to it-a little monkey!

My little toog-a-boog...I love that face!

Grant riding his tractor-

My dove hunters:

He found an egg!!!

Feeding the chickens...

Grant and NiNi riding the lawn mower-

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pre-school & Labor Day weekend

Well it has been a few weeks since I last updated the blog. Grant started preschool and did great the first THREE days and the last three days were ROUGH.(for Grant and mommy) On Wednesday, I thought it would be a good idea for Kyle to take him (ha), because I just couldn't do it. I called to check on him and they said he stopped within less than a minute after Kyle left, so that was good. Nana went and picked him up and he was so excited!! Then she took him to get icecream at McDonalds's. That night we went to eat with my Aunt Robbie, my cousin Lea, and my Uncle Steven at Olive Garden.

Thursday morning they went for donuts and then to Paris to see Pap'Paw and spend the night there. Kyle and I went to Paris after work on Friday and spent the weekend for Labor Day. We had a great time. My dad got a new Kabota Diesel lawnmower. Here they are going for a ride on it:

Grant rode his Gator so much the battery had to be recharged three times while we were there. He is so funny. He likes to get really close to the trees and then lean down underneath the tree limbs.

On Saturday we went out to the lake and had a blast. The best part was my mom and dad both tubing!!! Then on Sunday, we went over to Grant's Paw'Paw and Granny's house (Tom and Claudia) for a fish fry. I forgot to get my camera out until later but I did get a picture of our sweet niece, Emmi. I cannot believe she is about to be one!! My camera never captured her cute little smile.