Sunday, March 29, 2009

SO behind.....

Well there is no way I can remember everything we have had going on in the past month so I am not going to even try. I did want to post some pictures of our little baby boy from the sonogram we had this month. We are not sure on a name has been really hard!!! We were so excited to see him again and how much he had grown. My mom came down and went with us to see him. I am just getting bigger by the day! I go back to the doctor tomorrow just for a check up.

This weekend we headed to Commerce for Evie's b-day party (some friends of ours little girl). We stayed the night with them and came back today and went to a tractor show. Of course, Grant LOVED that!!! He went on a hayride, climbed on just about every tractor, ate kettle corn, fed the animals, and went on a pony ride!

(I took pictures of these rather than scanning them-much faster!)
Here is our sweet little baby boy's face...

He definitely wanted us to know he was a BOY!



Evie's b-day party at The Children's Museum

Driving the airplane

with Hoss...

The birthday girl-Miss Evie and her Cinderella cake!

Daddy and Grant

Having fun...

The Tractor Show-

Pony ride...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sesame Street Live!

Saturday we headed over to Nokia Theater to watch Sesame Street Live! This was one of Grant's b-day gifts from NiNi and Po. We had a blast!!! Grant's favorite character was the Cookie Monster. He really hasn't ever watched much of Sesame Street, but he loved it. We had the best seats ever. We were on the 4th row from the stage and it didn't get much better than that.

***Something funny that I want to remember so I am writing it on here is that Grant loves the song Slowride, by Foghat. He wants us to play it on the Ipod in the car all the time. This week at school when I picked him up his teacher said he was singing the song and dancing for his class. She had put his hair in a mohawk. It was too cute! Also, last week he was in the bath and said something that sounded like "gluteus maximus" and of course I did a double take and asked him what he said and then where did he learn that word. He told me he learned it from Stretch and Grow, a little program that comes to their school. It was hilarious! I couldn't believe my 3 year old could say that big word!