Monday, August 18, 2008

I love my Gator!!!

Nana and Pa'Paw are home!!! We are so glad to have my parents back home. They were actually gone for 3 1/2 months. A few days before they came home I had to work some on Thursday and Friday. PawPaw (Kyle's dad) came and stayed the night Thursday night and watched Grant Thursday and Friday. Thursday night we went to eat at P.F. Changs and it was really good. Kyle and his dad had not been there before and they both really liked it. Grant had a great time with his PawPaw.

Thanks PawPaw for coming down and playing with me!!! Love, Grant

On Friday I finished by 1:00, so Grant and I went ahead and rode to Paris with my father-n-law (because my parents were going to be home around 3:00). When we arrived at my parent's house my parents headed out the door to meet us. It was soooo good to see them. Grant was a little shy at first, but went straight to my dad (Pa'Paw) when he held his hands out. Later, Kyle got into town and we all went to eat at Don's (it is an all you can eat fish, shrimp, and it was great. When we got back home my parents had a big surprise for Grant. How cute is this....

They were going to wait until Saturday morning because it was dark by the time we got back home, but of course my dad couldn't stand it and had to give it to him!

I love my Gator!!! Thanks Nana and Pa'Paw.

Grant and Pa'Paw-this is the last picture I got before my camera went dead. :(

Grant stayed with them last night and is staying tonight too. Grant-last night you did great going to bed but woke up around 3:45am wanting your mommy. Nothing was soothing you so Nana decided to go into the living room and watch Shrek with you. She couldn't stand you crying. She was willing to do anything to get you to stop (that was her own words-ha). You finally stopped and ended up falling asleep after you and Nana watched ALL of Shrek. I hate that you cried, but I am glad you still want your mommy. I cried as daddy and I were driving off leaving you for some reason. This wasn't the first time we left you overnight before, but I just got a little upset. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!
Love you! -Mommy

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker!

We had a great time at Parker's birthday party. It was in Greenville at his Nawna and Poppy's house. Grant had so much fun sliding down the water slide, playing in the pool, and the best time riding the train!!! Grant and Parker have been best buds since last summer. There are some pictures below from the party. Also, I am soooo excited because my parents are coming home next weekend!!!! They have been in Minnesota for the past 4 1/2 months-yes months! My dad has been working up there, but they are finally coming home. Grant talks to them on the phone all the time and is ready to see his Nana and Pa'Paw.

This was a picture from the night before the party. We went to get Parker's b-day gift at Target and guess what ended up happening...? I will not go into the details but needless to say we ended up buying two of them.

Parker-the cute birthday boy(he turned 3)

Grant at the bottom of the big water slide!

Chris taking the kids for a ride....this was probably the 10th time!

Tractor crazy boys!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I just figured out how to get cute backgrounds and also (after a few people shared that they were not able to leave a comment) figured out that I had the comments section set for only blog members to leave a message-oops! I've changed it now so anyone can leave a message. Yea! I will get it all figured out eventually.

Tomorrow, Grant and I are going to his preschool for a meeting to make sure everything is turned in and ready to go. This time will also be a good opportunity for Grant to become a little more familiar with the environment.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Zoo/Hawaiian Falls/1st time to tube!

Kendra (my sister), Jeremy and the boys (Blake and Kyler) came and stayed a few nights with us. On Thursday, they went to the Ft. Worth Zoo so Kyle and Grant with them and they had a blast. I had a training to attend so I was really disappointed that I wasn't able to go with them. Here are a few pics. from the zoo.

Grant and Aunt Kendra

Grant feeding the bird

Grant and Daddy

Aunt Kendra, Blake, Kyler, and Grant

Friday, we went to Hawaiian Falls and we had sooooo much fun there. Grant got right in there with Blake and Kyler. He was such a big boy!!! He went down four different slides all by himself.

Grant and Uncle Jeremy

"Look at me. I can do it by myself!!"

Grant found a little swimming pool just his size!

Sunday after church our friend Hoss (that is his nickname, his real name is Justin) came over and we went out to the lake. Grant went on the tube for the first time. He loved it!!!

Our boat-We are really enjoying our boat and are excited about all the memories we will have with Grant and maybe another little Pursifull down the road!

Grant and his Uncle Hoss (that is what Grant calls him)

Grant tubing for the first time!!! He kept saying he wanted to go faster and when I told him it was time to get back on the boat he said, "One more time Daddy!" We were glad that he wasn't scared and wanted to keep riding so of course he got his way and we stayed on the tube a lot longer.

Hoss tubing....he set a record of catching the most air on the tube today. Jeremy and Blake-he took the record from you and it is going to be really hard to get the title back. Hoss-I bet you are sore tomorrow, especially your fingers from playing Guitar Hero when we got back home!!??!