Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun Times

Sunday we went to Camdyn's birthday party-she is "3" now. Grant and Camdyn have been friends since he was 6 months old. Camdyn is Ms. Erika's daughter (she kept Grant for the past year and a half). Ms. Erika decided to go back to work as a hair stylist. Grant just loves her and we are really going to miss seeing her everyday. He will start at a little preschool soon so I am praying that goes well. Here are some pictures from Camdyn's b-day party.

Grant and Camdyn slip-n-sliding

Miss Camdyn-the birthday girl!

Monday-Camdyn and Parker came over to play and then we headed off to meet NiNi and Po at the Dallas World Aquarium. Grant had a great time and his favorite thing to look at was the sharks (that was his favorite thing at Sea World too).

He wanted to know if the baby alligators were nice....and we were fast to tell him, "No!" Anytime we were going to look at something new he would say, "Lets go check it out."

My mother-n-law had a conference in Dallas so they were staying in a hotel so we went back to the hotel and Grant went swimming. Then we went to dinner at the Blue Mesa.

Grant and Daddy

Wednesday-Grant and I went with our friends Deedra and Parker to the library for story time and then went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. This is a funny picture that I took of them during storytime-they were looking in Deedra's purse and found a little bag of tissues. Of course,they both needed one to blow their nose. I thought it was funny!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anniversary/Wedding/Camping trip

Kyle and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary over the weekend! I told Kyle that I would plan this anniversary so... on Friday, I told Kyle that Grant and I were going shopping at the mall. We really went to meet my sister, brother-n-law Jeremy, and nephews-Blake and Kyler in Bonham. I went home and told Kyle to pack a bag. Of course, he wanted to know where we were going and for how long (for the evening, overnight.., etc., but I didn't tell him anything but to pack a bag with whatever he thought he should pack. I drove us over to the Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine. Kyle was so surprised! We went down to the pool to hang out for awhile when we got there. Then, we went to dinner at the Riverwalk Cafe while watching a Murder Mystery show. It was neat because they involved the crowd and the characters were hilarious. It was so nice to be able to go do something (just the two of us). That doesn't happen very often! Thank you sister, Jeremy, Blake and Kyler for taking such good care of Grant!!!! We had a blast!

Here we were on our wedding day six years ago:

Here we are now six years later on our anniversary:

After the show, we watched indoor fireworks and then took the trolley over to a place called the Glass Cactus. It was disco night so they had a really good disco band playing 70's and 80's music. We had sooo much fun there!

We finally called it a night and the next day woke up and had breakfast at the Riverwalk Cafe. We went by Bass Pro and then went shopping at the Grapevine Mills mall. Saturday night we went to a wedding in Commerce and then went on to Paris to my sister's house to see Grant and stayed the night there.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Brittany looked so pretty!!!!)

The guys-Jeremy, James, Hoss, and Kyle

The girls (we were all in the same sorority together in college)-Me, Randi, Brittany, Jordan, and Kelly

On Sunday after church we all went out to the lake and camped out for a couple of nights, went out on the boat, and had a fish fry.

Grant with cousins, Blake and Kyler out at the lake (can you tell that they are big buddies??)

Kyler kneeboarding for the 1st time (He started riding it one handed. It was soo cute! He was so proud of himself.) WAY TO GO KYLER!!!

Kendra (my sister) and the boys tubing

Grant went out! That constant movement on the boat put him right to sleep.

Kyle and his sister Lindsey went on the tube. Then, Lindsey and I went and we had a blast. We hit some big waves and then ended up falling off on a really sharp turn. We really fell off on purpose, right Lindsey!?!?

Here are a few pictures from a summer camp that Grant went to last week called, "Buggin Out." He had a good time playing with bubbles, shaving cream (he had it from head to toe when I walked by his class), making a bug shirt, painting a butterfly, singing songs, playing on the playground, eating popsicles, swimming and much more!

Grant w/his friend Carter

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Entry!

I have a few friends that have a blog and I decided to start one. I thought it would be a great way to post pictures of Grant instead of sending out mass emails to everyone and also be able to stay in touch with people and have something that documents what is going on in our lives. I heard that you can create a scrapbook using a blog so hopefully I will figure out how to do that.

We got a ski boat a few weeks ago so we've had fun going out to the lake. We celebrated the 4th of July in Paris. (Texas, of course) We took the boat to Paris and went out to the lake. We had fun hanging out with our family.

We went on a little family vacation to San Antonio with NiNi and Po (Kyle's mom and her husband Bob) and took Grant to Sea World. Grant enjoyed swimming at the hotel more than anything. My mom said that I needed to start writing things down that Grant says or I will forget so I am writing something he said on our way to San Antonio. We were in the car and Grant spotted a tractor (he can spot one a mile a way and knows what it is: a tractor, backhoe, bulldozer, grater, etc.) and Norma/NiNi (my mother-n-law) told Grant he had tractor eyes. He laughed and said, "That's hilarious!" I am not sure where he came up with the word hilarious and what it actually means but I thought it was funny.

Well hopefully I will keep this up. I think it would be fun to look back on one day!

Grant and MawMaw waiting for the firework show to start!

Grant and cousin Emmi swimming at PawPaw and Granny's house

My brother-n-law and my father-n-law tubing (it was hilarious)

Our nephews-Blake and Kyler tubing

Grant's first trip to Sea World. We had a lot of fun!

They are getting ready to go see the sharks for the 2nd time.

Grant with NiNi and Po