Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nana's Surprise 60th B-day party!!!

My mom's b-day was on Saturday, Feb. 21st and since she was turning 60 Kendra and I decided to throw a little surprise b-day party for her in Paris. We had it at the Fish Fry in a room we had reserved that would hold around 40 people. She was shocked! She knew her brothers and sister were coming but not everyone else!!! She had such a good time sharing her special day with all of her family and good friends that could come. She received several nice gifts including a big bouquet of flowers from my dad (my Uncle Steven made them).

I couldn't ask for a better mother. She is unbelievable and definitely deserved a fun night that was "all about her."

Dad bringing in her flowers...

I am very excited about this gift! My Aunt Robbie and Uncle Steven got a gift certificate to the Woodhouse Day Spa for not only mom-but ME AND KENDRA!!!! Yea! I cannot wait until we go.

Uncle Steven, Mom and Aunt Robbie

Mom and Uncle Bubba

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grant's "LEGOMANIA" b-day party!!!

What a busy weekend! On Friday, NiNi and Po came and stayed the night with us. I was running around doing last minute party stuff (of course). Saturday, it was time for the party at Wiggles! We headed to Frisco to pick up the balloons I had ordered and walked into Wiggles and guess what......the $25 dollars balloons I had just picked up couldn't go in with us!!! Yes, I didn't know we couldn't bring latex balloons in, but anyway....other than that and how hot it was in the turned out great. The kiddos had a great time playing and it was great having all of our family and friends there. Grant got tons of gifts (that I'm still not sure where to put) and had so much fun playing with his friends!!!

The Silman family, Conner family and Uncle Hoss stayed with us Saturday night and we all went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It is something we do every year....and we have so much fun spending time with them!

LEGO cake

Grant and Pap'Paw (my dad)

The kiddos eating their pizza...

Make a wish

Kyle handled cutting the cake this year...yeah!

Yummy cake

WOW! Grant opened tons of great gifts. He got a new dresser for his room, a sports lamp, Sesame Street Live tickets at Nokia(for Grant, Mommy, and Daddy), a Texas Longhorn growth chart, baseball tee w/bat and baseball, remote control truck and inflatable boat, movies, JD shirt and socks, glowing turtle (that makes the moon and stars on the ceiling-really cool by the way, we used it tonight at night time), chainsaw, YoGamma dancing mat, soccer goal and ball set, lots of fun games, playdoh, a Fun Roller, books, vacuum cleaner, dinosaur, clothes, a kite, Nerf football, gift cards, and more...

ADORABLE Big brother shirt and Little brother onsie (Kelly made them!)

Anna (she is in Grant's class)

Grant's buddy Parker-

Miss Kaylie-

Jordan and Cal...look at his cute little JD boots...

Tyler riding the horse...

Grant and NiNi sliding

NaNa, Grant and Pap'Paw

LuLu and Emmi

PawPaw and Grant

Uncle Chad, PawPaw and Po

Chad, Melissa, and Cash

Shawna, Sam and Aiden

Uncle Hoss

Deedra and Reese

When we got home, the kids jumped in the bounce house!

Camdyn, Grant, Parker, and Evie

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend in Paris

Over the weekend we went to Paris. On Saturday we went to Kyler's basketball game. That night wen went to Aunt Kendra and Uncle Jeremy's house and ate dinner and played darts. Later, Grant stayed there and played with Kyler and Blake for a little while so we could go meet up with some friends that came in from out of town. They were in town for the Reckless Kelly concert. We didn't go to the concert...I am sure it would have been a little too smokey there! On Sunday, Nana made a big lunch after church-a baked ham, potato salad, purple-hull peas, and rolls. It was so good!!!! Then Nana, Grant, Kyler, and Blake made Valentine cookies.

For the Super Bowl we went over to some friend's house-Erica and James and ate fajitas. Erica made her famous guacamole-it was so good! Grant and Camden had fun jumping on the trampoline and playing together.

Kyler and Grant

Go Kyler! He made 6 points!!!

Grant and Blake

Making Valentine cookies-

Fun on the trampoline...

Camdyn and Grant jumping-

Today, I had a doctor's appointment. It was just a routine check up nd everything went good. His little heartbeat was 148 today. She was having a hard time getting it because he kept moving around. We go back Monday, March 2nd for a sonogram to see our other little baby boy again! We are not sure on a name, but have been throwing one name around pretty seriously. We have Grant's b-day party this weekend so that should be fun!!! I cannot believe our little boy is about to be 3 years old already.