Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday party in Pittsburg

This weekend we went to Kaylee's 3rd b-day party in Pittsburg. We headed down on Saturday and came back on Sunday. Every year they come down and stay with us for Grant's party and then we go down and stay with them for Kaylee's party. Kelly and I were talking about how next year will be so much harder..their will be 4 of them! She is also pregnant and having a little boy. It should be interesting! We will be going from two little ones to four.

I love this boy and his little outfit Nana got him!

Riding the pony-he is trying to be a trick rider (ha)

Kaylee thinking about blowing out her candles...

Two of my boys....soon to be three!!!

Fun in the bounce house-I am surprised I didn't put a whole in it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a great Easter this year. Grant was really into it and couldn't wait to find the eggs with the candy in them. Uncle Steven put $5.00 in an egg and Grant found it and just kept going...of course, I yelled at him to come back and pick the egg up and held onto the money for him! I didn't want him to lose it. HA

Everything is going good with little one. He seems to be growing quite a bit lately (or at least I am). I go back to the doctor on Wednesday for the glucose test so hopefully all that goes well. He is moving around a lot. We still have not decided on a name. We have talked a lot about Grayson (which is my maiden name) and have bounced the name Cade around a few times...who knows, we could come up with something completely different in the next few weeks, but we haven't so far. I like the sound of Grant and Grayson...but we'll see.

My little man:

He was ready to leave for church and get the pictures over with-

Grant and Emmi:

Hunting for eggs

MawMaw was sick so she wasn't able to come and it wasn't the same without her. We held a picture up of her so she could be in it. She always wants to get a family pic. Claudia took the pic. and you can definitely tell I didn't hold back on the Easter goodies. The food was great! Moo! Moo! :)

Chad, Lindsey and Emmi

Right when we got there, he was already asking PawPaw if he could ride the 4 wheeler and couldn't wait to get into the mud with it!

Easter at my parent's house:

My sister Kendra, Jeremy, Blake and Kyler

Monday, April 6, 2009

The bedding has been picked!!!

On Saturday we headed to Sulphur Springs to meet my mom so that I could go with her to Canton. Kyle and Grant headed on to Pittsburg to hang out with Jay (for his b-day) and little Miss Kaylie. Grant went fishing, rode on a horse, and sat on several bulldozers, which he LOVED! When I got to their house that night, you should have seen his little face-it was covered in dirt.

Mom and I went to meet with a girl in Canton that makes custom baby bedding. Jay's wife, Kelly has a booth in Canton and had told me about this girl there and how good she was. I wasn't expecting to check this off my list already, but I can now! The bedding has been ordered and she will begin working on it is going to take about 9 weeks, but it might be a little sooner. Most of you that know me pretty well, know I am not the best at making decisions quickly and it is obvious who I get that from-my mother who was the one with me, so you can only imagine...we spent at least two hours or more at her booth, laying fabric around and looking at different ideas, because there were sooo many different things you could do with it. She had a set there with most of the fabrics that I wanted to use, but we had to figure out what we wanted to change which we ended up changing a lot. I couldn't have done it with out her. THANKS MOM!

We had fun eating for the most part-ha! We started with corny dogs at 10:30 that morning, and then had roasted corn on the cob and a philly cheesesteak for lunch, and of course before we finished the day out we had to get a funnel cake-ha! Wow, that was a lot of food, not to mention what I ate for dinner...we had a such a good time!

After Canton, I rode to Pittsburg with Kelly and her mom. When we got there we ate ribs that Kyle had cooked for Jay's b-day. They were soooo good! He can definitely cook some ribs! Then we had an icecream birthday cake-Grant's favorite part!

Here is a picture of the fabric swatches that I took with my camera...

I am really excited to see it when it is all put together!